Subaru Sells Its 10 millionth car in the United States

Subaru is proud to announce selling its 10 millionth car in the United States! This occurrence is a little over a year after its American division celebrated its 50th birthday. The milestone illustrates how quickly (and how much) the Japanese firm has grown in the United States.


It took Subaru 41 years to sell the first five million cars on our shores. Its line-up evolved considerably during that time period starting with the 360, a tiny kei to spear-heading the rugged wagon segment with the original Outback. It entered the 2010s with a clear idea of how to achieve maximum growth and sold an additional five million cars in a little more than a decade. Its formula is simple: expand while staying true to its roots.

The milestone car, a white 2019 Impreza, isn't destined to spend the rest of its life in a museum. It was purchased in one of the brand's oldest American dealers, by Dr. Craig Harmon. He didn't know he had bought his daughter a historically significant Impreza until he noticed an arch made of balloons in front of the dealership. Nate Wade parked a fully restored 360 from its private collection next to the Impreza to illustrate how far Subaru has come in 50 years.

Harmon's Impreza is a run-of-the-mill Rocky Mountains-spec hatchback: white with roof rack. It'll be covered in Utah's finest road salt in just a few weeks. Nothing about it reveals the threshold it represents, and Subaru isn't planning a limited series to mark the 10-million car milestone. Instead, it's focused on keeping its streak of sales records going into the foreseeable future.

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