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Keep Your Subaru Running at Peak-Performance with Our Help

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One of the most important parts about owning a Subaru is ensuring it can be given the best service and maintenance possible to perform at high levels. If you have been searching for the perfect place to get your Subaru serviced and maintained by professionals who know the ins-and-outs of servicing a Subaru, be it a new model or older option! Allow our certified Subaru technicians to service and repair your Subaru up to its highest-levels and allow you to enjoy every adventure going forward.
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The 2020 Subaru Forester is the Perfect Road Trip Car

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The 2020 Subaru Forester is the Perfect Road Trip Car Before you crack open that beer and cast a line, let’s appreciate the car that got you here. That’s right. The Subaru Forester. Anyone who has ever owned one will already be nodding and smiling by now. Why Subaru Forester? With an All Wheel Drive and 2.5L Engine, enough room for surfboards, bikes, and room for pets, there’s no denying it: this is the ultimate summer road trip car for Los Angeles Subaru drivers. 
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Why Does the Subaru WRX Have a Cult-like Following?

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The Subaru WRX embodies everything you could dream up for a day at the track followed by a cruise along the foreshore, windows down, speakers amped. The world is yours to conquer at the wheel. The WRX is bursting with performance potential, capturing the driving enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a gutsy kick of power behind their daily commute. The WRX is Subaru’s peak performance car, an ode to 1990’s rally culture, and a step forward into the latest technology. It’s good-looking yes, but why has this vehicle gathered a cult following?
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What Makes the Subaru Forester So Popular?

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The two millionth Subaru Forester sold in the U.S. just reminded everyone that the Forester is something extraordinary in the world of compact SUVs. It seats 5 people, giving them a spacious, well-organized environment to enjoy its more luxury qualities. While the Forester is the second best selling SUV Subaru makes in the United States, it's Subaru's number one SUV around the globe. 
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Tips for Keeping Your Subaru Dependable and Running Smooth

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At one point, a car that reached the six-figure mileage mark was virtually unheard of. While a car lasting to 100,000 miles was once a rarity, many cars on the road today will last 200,000 miles or more with proper care. While advances in technology, engineering, and an overall improvement in part quality are largely responsible for cars getting more mileage today, proper care on the owner's part still plays a crucial role in determining a vehicle's longevity. 
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What is Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Work and How Does it Work?

When you start looking at Subaru cars and SUVs at Subaru of Glendale, you'll notice that many models feature something called symmetrical all-wheel drive. Unlike other all-wheel-drive systems on the market, this unique feature gives Subaru vehicles an edge.

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The purpose of any AWD is to send torque to all four of the wheels. Since all of the wheels are actively powered, the…

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Personalize Your Subaru with 5 Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories!

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It's a known fact that Subaru vehicles come well-equipped right out of the gate. However, if you're like a lot of folks we serve, then your car doesn't truly feel like your own until you'd personalized it with parts and accessories. Fortunately for you, our Subaru of Glendale offers Genuine OEM Subaru parts and accessories to help outfit your new Subaru car for your lifestyle. Check out our top five most popular ones below.
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The Importance of a Subaru Oil Change

Drivers in the Los Angeles, Ca area can schedule an oil change right from their home at Subaru of Glendale. The oil change is the most basic service you can give your Subaru, but it also constitutes one of the most important. Over time, the oil in your car eventually degrades, and the filter wears down at the same time. As the oil turns to sludge and your oil filter wears down, it can cause long-term damage to your engine, necessitating more expensive and time-consuming repairs. You can schedule a Subaru Oil Change directly from the convenience of your own…
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