Everything's like new - except the price.

Looking for a low price on replacement auto-parts for your Subaru without sacrificing quality? Consider using Genuine Subaru Remanufactured Auto-Parts available at Subaru of Glendale in Los Angeles, California. Subaru Remanufactured Auto-parts have to undergo the same rigorous testing as new Subaru parts, so they will be backed by the same Genuine Subaru Parts Limited Warranty*. The only true difference between New Subaru Auto-Parts and Subaru Remanufactured Auto-Parts is the value they provide during car repair. Subaru Remanufactured Auto-Parts at Subaru of Glendale cost less because they are reconstructed using an existing "core" component that is brought back to Subaru standard quality.

* See Subaru of Glendale for complete warranty details.

Remanufactured vs. rebuilt - what's the difference?

With a rebuilt part, only the broken or unusable components are replaced, usually without a complete disassembly and inspection. The part is repaired just enough to meet the rebuilder's requirements - not the original manufacturer's.

With a Genuine Subaru Remanufactured Part, the process begins with a "core" - the actual failed or worn-out part. The core is fully disassembled, and all components are serviced or replaced. As the core is reassembled, it must pass the same tests as a new Subaru part at every step. Once fully assembled, the remanufactured part must meet the same tolerances and specifications as brand new Genuine Subaru Parts.

Available Remanufactured Parts

Brake Calipers

Most aftermarket rebuilt brake calipers may contain non-genuine components. Using or substituting anything other than genuine specified Subaru caliper components and approved Subaru remanufacturing processes can result in serious potential safety problems, such as brake fluid leakage, etc.


An automatic transmission is an incredibly complex work of engineering. Many so-called "remanufacturers" do nothing more than replace friction elements, gaskets, and seals. True remanufacturing as done by Subaru addresses each of the transmission complexities with precision gauging procedures, detailed failure analysis.


To restore a starter to like-new, ready-to-start condition, we completely tear it down and thoroughly clean it. All moving components are inspected and replaced, as necessary, with new assemblies.


Since alternators are typically subjected to severe temperature extremes, dust and stress, restoring one to like-new condition requires total disassembly and complete cleaning. All major components are thoroughly tested for proper operation.

Axle Shafts

Unlike inferior aftermarket axles which may have damaged threads, collapsed clip rings or smashed ends, Genuine Subaru Axle Shafts have been completely remanufactured to original OEM specifications. Core components must meet high Subaru standards. You can install them with the confidence that they will perform as well as those that originally came with the vehicle.

Short Blocks

All Genuine Subaru Remanufactured Short Blocks meet or exceed the original factory specifications. They always fit properly, for faster, trouble-free installation, and perform as well as a brand new engine. They also include the full range of Genuine Subaru components, from oil pans and pumps to thermostats, thermostat housings and water pumps.

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